Resume – To Pay or Not to Pay

“Keep it to 1 page”,  “you can’t show who you are in 1 page”, “chronological”, “functional”, “hybrid”, “have an objective”, “don’t have an objective, do a summary statement”!  Aggghhhhhh!! Resume advice……if you ask 10 different people about resumes you’ll get 10 different opinions.   Since my resume has become a fluid and ever-changing document, I’ve had time to get lots of different opinions and I want to share some observations with you.

First, the resume is a tool to help you get an interview for a  job – so make sure it shows your experience, accomplishments, contributions, knowledge, skills and abilities so it will really shine and catch the eye of the recruiter who is  looking at literally hundreds of resumes.

Second, there’s nothing wrong with having someone help you write your resume, (especially in this job market); but remember if you can’t sell what’s in it it’s not of much value.   I hired someone to help me, but I can speak to and support every detail in there if I’m asked about it.  And you can get help without having to pay lots of money.  There are great folks in job clubs, state employment agencies, and other non-profits that have lots of experience  and are more than willing to help you for free or a small fee.

Third, and last – a resume isn’t set in stone.  I’ve made tweaks to the one I paid for.   Nothing that changes the message – just re-worded something so it’s a truer reflection of me.  And that’s o.k.  If you don’t feel comfortable with your resume, how are you going to sell what’s in it when you are sitting in an interview.

Good luck – and don’t forget to make use of all the great resume resources available, paid or unpaid.  God bless you in your job search!