“You Inspire Me”

So I’ve been in corporate America long enough to have taken multiple personality/behavior/motivational tests.  An interesting thing that always comes back from these is that I’m the type of person that “inspires” others, that I am most motivated when I’m helping someone grow or learn or feel better about themselves.

Now I’m not saying this to “toot my own horn” (even though I did once receive advice in a performance review that I needed to do that more often).  I’m saying it because just yesterday I received 2 e-mails from different friends and the jist of what they both told me was “you inspired me”.  And all I had done in one instance was send an e-mail thanking her for some great help and advice she had given me.  And in the other instance, I basically showed up and talked about how I was conducting my job search and shared some tips on what is working for me.

My point in those 2 examples is anyone can be an inspiration to others, simply by doing what you can do.   In my case, I sent a quick note and I showed up!  And haven’t you heard it said that 80% of success in life is showing up?

Have a blessed day and be an inspiration to others.