The End of Summer Vacation (or something like that)

Twenty months without employment and in a week I get three job offers.  After a lot of agonizing I made the choice and will be working within 11 miles of home.  Any of the positions I was offered would have been great opportunities for me, and I would have been a success at any of them.   Interesting thing, but when it came down to the final decision I didn’t go for the one with the most money.  That really surprised me.  But the idea of a 45 minute commute one-way was not as appealing as being close to home,  in spite of the salary.  Guess being out of the corporate environment has changed my perspective on some things.  What I like is that the position I took poses a challenge (which I love), as there are problems that need solved, systems to maintain and update, no social media activity, and I’m learning an entirely new area of expertise in the legal arena.  

Tomorrow will my first day of paid work in almost 2 years. As much as I wanted a job, and spent many, many countless hours searching — mailing resumes, calling, networking —I must confess there is also a small amount of sadness associated with the change.   It’s not unlike those feelings surrounding the first day of school.  You know there’s a big change ahead of you, and in the end it will be a good thing, but you still think about summer vacation and all the good things that went along with that.

However, rest assured I am truly grateful that I have finally found employment.  To those of you still searching, don’t give up.  It will come.  It’s funny, but all of a sudden there was  a rush of activity.  I was getting phone calls, interviews, inquiries, leads.  There are a few things that I believe led to this.  My LinkedIn profile was getting lots of views, I am volunteering for a local non-profit, and I also was doing an unpaid internship for a small firm.  So I was in contact with a lot of new people who knew people.  It’s true what they say at the job clubs.  The networking thing is huge.  You’re most likely to find your next position through someone in your network.  That’s how I ended up with mine.


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