Not Just Any Dress…..

Over the weekend my daughter and I set out on a journey dreamt about by all mothers and daughters from the early days in their relationship!  Armed with nothing more than a 3-ring binder, a credit card, and a sheer will to succeed, we were going to find her a dress – and not just any dress.  The dress – the one that she will wear on one of the most (if not the most) eventful and life-changing days ever.  The dress that she will be photographed in dozens of times; the dress that will become part of her life-story  – her wedding dress.

Something you have to know about this quest is that you have to find “the dress”.  Because it’s this dress that sets the tone of the entire wedding, that says something about who she is, around which all of the other endless details of the wedding will be planned.

Something else that factors into this mission for the dress – there’s a little state of affairs known as a budget.  You don’t want to put a price tag on love, but if you don’t, the boutique owner will be bringing out dresses with a value equal to that of a small car!

Now on to the rest of our journey.  We logged over 100 miles and invested 9 hours, and were never more than 30 miles from home!  And we totally missed lunch.  We visited four different bridal boutiques, and each of those was an experience worthy of another blog!  And oh, roughly 40 dresses later, she found it – “the dress”.

Honestly, I loved her in all of them.  But the one she chose truly is her – beautiful, classic, sweet, and romantic.  Can’t say anymore in case her fiance reads the blog (ha!).

The best thing about the entire day wasn’t finding the dress (even though it was a great feeling to check this off).  The best part of the day was getting to spend precious time with this little girl of mine who has become a woman and realizing how blessed I am to now have her as a friend.