Nana’s on FaceBook!

I’ve been doing some research on Baby Boomers (ages 44-62) and Matures (63-75) and their use of social media. I have my reasons for this, one reason being that I’m always interested in how any generation responds to new technology.

Another reason (that I’ve shared with a few) is that I am starting my own business  – something I can do both locally and virtually, something where I can help those especially in the early Boomer and  Mature generations – those who tend not to be quite as social media savvy.  I know there are exceptions to this – please don’t get mad at me if your grandma is Tweeting daily and doing a weekly update on LinkedIn while she’s looking for a job.

I’m just saying as a general rule research backs this up.

According to eMarketer   in its Boomers and Social Media report,  a majority of the folks in these generations have a Facebook account.  But when you look at Twitter and LinkedIn, the users drop off in droves!  And, not all of them know how to use Facebook to its full extent.

From the marketing research I’ve looked at, not to mention actual businesses, it seems to me that almost any Boomer or Mature who owns a small business should have a LinkedIn profile and use Twitter, and should probably be doing some type of business related blog.

Even at the personal level,  blogging is a great way to let your kids, grandkids and distant family and friends know what’s going on.  It’s really super simple to set up an account on Word Press and get started.  I should know!

I’m going to be offering my services to anyone who wants help in any of the social media tools, including smart phones.  I can help set up your profile, offer tutorials, or help you set up and manage social media for your small business.  So even if you’re a Gen X,Y, or Z’er, I’ll help you.  But more than likely, you’ll be teaching the classes I’m taking to increase my knowledge in these tools!

Oh, and I’m a late Boomer, by the way!  So if you need help, or know someone who does send me an email letting me know.  Or comment on the block with contact info.  I’ll get in touch with you and set something up.