The “Last” First Day of School

With the start of school, I realize I have had a child in school for nearly two decades.

Since there is an eight year age difference between my two children, my son started preschool in September of 1983 and my daughter is starting her last semester of college, so I am about to experience the “last” first day of school.

I don’t know about all moms, but I suspect that for most, sending their child off for that very first day of school brings out a host of emotions.

No doubt there is sadness, as you realize how fast the time has flown since you held that little baby – and now here they are with their new backpack filled with supplies and their new shoes – getting ready for an entirely new chapter in both your lives.

And I imagine there’s also some excitement – at least on the child’s part. And as they get older, there will be excitement on your part – for the moments they are about to experience. And I don’t mean only the experience of learning reading, math, and science (book stuff), but learning about life (the important stuff) – how to get along with others, what they want to be when they grow up, how they fit into their little piece of this big old world.

So as you send them off, it’s o.k. to be sad, but also be thankful that you have been blessed by God, and get ready for this great adventure!



One thought on “The “Last” First Day of School”

  1. So true Lillie! Now we have grandchildren who started their first day of school! A little different but still the same sentiment. They grow up too fast!


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