I’m No Einstein, But………

I know Albert Einstein was a genius and all.  I mean hey – he developed that whole theory of relativity thing and came up with that E=mcformula.

But something he said about life tells me how intelligent he really was. He said,  “Only a life lived for others is a life worth-while”.  So this genius who won a Nobel Prize in physics realized it wasn’t all about him – that the thing that makes for a life of worth is looking for ways to give to others.

I don’t know a lot about Albert Einstein, but I read he was a professor from Berlin, Germany, was in the United States at the same time that Hitler came to power in Germany, and that he never returned to Germany.

Maybe Einstein saw how “un-worthwhile” Hitler’s life was – that Hitler lived like it was all about him and used others in his power-crazed desire to rule the world.

I think if someone as smart as Einstein knew that  the most worth-while life is one that is lived with more focus on others and less focus on self, it’s a lesson I’m going to take to heart.  Maybe it’ll be a little easier for me to catch on to than that “relativity” stuff.