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While perusing the Internet to find a good blogging idea, I came to this site.   And I discovered a book that I am adding to my reading list.  From the reviews and the excerpts I read, I think it will be something that will make me better and give me more insight into what really matters.

Check out these two reviews: 

In His upside-down kingdom, God promises we can actually find our life by giving it away to others. What is your God-given passion for  serving? What is outside of you and bigger than you that demands your  time, talent, and treasure? I encourage you to ponder that as you read  Jeff’s thoughts in Wrecked. The result will be life changing . . . and you  may be surprised to discover that the life changed could be yours.
—Dr. Wess Stafford, President and CEO, Compassion International

Jeff Goins wrote my favorite kind of book. First he lived it, then he  wrote it. The result is a book that everyone who has ever wondered “Is  there more to life than this?” should read.
—Jona Cuff, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Quitter:  Closing the Gap    Between Your Day Job & Your Dream Job

The reviews alone actually were enough to cause me to add this to my “Want to Read” list.

But then there’s this excerpt from the book:

“This book is about the most important life change that will ever happen to you, if you let it. I’ve experienced it myself—at least in part—and it has been anything but comfortable. It’s been ugly and hard. I’ve had to give up my rights and expectations so I could find the life I was longing for. And it looked nothing like what I expected. The strange part? I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I couldn’t. I’ve been changed from the inside out. I’m no longer the same me. All because of a choice that defined me and continues to shape how I view the world. I hope you experience two outcomes as you read this book. One, I hope you recall making a choice that caused you to step out of your comfort zone, that allowed you to move past selfishness and find a life worth living. I hope you tap into that experience and the thrill it gave you. And I hope you learn to live like this more every day.  Two, I hope you are faced with a sacrificial decision you’ve yet to make, one that you may be avoiding or procrastinating. I hope these stories challenge you to be more courageous.”

“No longer the same”, “life-changing”,  “stepping out of my comfort zone”.  This really piqued my interest.  I cannot wait to read this.  If you want to get the book for yourself or to find out more about Jeff Goins and his book check it out here.

Oh.  And if you’ve read it, please let me know what you thought about it by leaving me a comment.



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