Soarin’ Past Fear

This spring, I was blessed to go to Disney World with my family.

When we were deciding what to ride at Epcot, the promo for the ride Soarin’ caught my eye.  It’s supposed to simulate a hang-gliding ride over California.  Now obviously that wasn’t the part of the description that made me say “oh, yeah – I’m gonna’ get on that”.  For those of you who know me, you know that I’m a little hesitant (AFRAID!) to get on a anything that involves height, speed, or any combination of!

However, the following promo made me wonder if I should face my fear and “get on the ride!”

“Feel the wind in your hair. The air fills with the scent of orange groves, evergreens and the sea breeze. Your feet dangle free. Dip down so close to the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean, you think your toes will get wet. Then return to the sky and continue on Soarin’ to a fantastic finale where fireworks burst into sensational colors around you.”  

Sounds a little over the top, right?  Well remember, this is Disney – and if they promise the wind in your hair you’re gonna’ feel the wind in your hair!

The ride was amazing. I was hang-gliding over California with the wind in my hair and the ocean at my feet. If it hadn’t been for the 45 minute wait I would have ridden it again.

I started thinking about how that experience is so much like real life at times.  You know what I mean – right?  You have this fear of a situation, something you haven’t tried or won’t try because it’s new, different, out of your comfort zone.  Fear holds you back and you have no idea what you are missing.  And then you just face the fear, “get on the ride”, and you experience the thrill of  soarin’ to heights you never dreamed of.

Let’s “get on that ride” now.  Don’t let your fears keep you from SOARIN’!