She Didn’t Say 5 Words to Me

Let’s just suppose for a moment we found out we could only say a limited number of words to any one person today. We could talk to as many people as we wanted – just couldn’t say more than 5-10 words in our interactions with them.

What would you think about that? What words would you choose? Of course, “I love you” comes to mind for those we are closest to. You might say things like “good job” or “way to go” to co-workers. For me, this would be a real challenge. I would first want to explain to them why I was saying so few words, which would of course instantly put me over my  word limit!

Aren’t we lucky? We don’t have to worry about limiting our words. We have so many we can choose from to express our thoughts and feelings.

But did you ever think maybe we should limit our words at times? If we really did find out our word count was limited, would we encourage with words of kindness instead of discourage with words of criticism? Appreciate with words of thankfulness instead of complain with words of grumbling?

The wisest man of all said “Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones” (Proverbs 16:24). Apparently, there is evidence to support the health benefits of honey, especially the honey directly from the honeycomb. Words can be sweet and healing, which I think we all understand from experience.

Today, I’m challenging myself. I’m thinking about my words. I’m choosing them as if I’m limited in the words I can say, so I’m making sure I’m using sweet and healing words.