What Is Your Legacy?

Dictionary.com defines legacy as anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor.  Have you ever wondered what kind of legacy you are leaving?   I have. I’m not talking about material things, but about my actions and the choices I am making today that will affect future generations long after I’m gone.

Right now we are all creating a legacy for future generations.  The legacy we leave can make a positive impact or it can be less than positive.  I know I want mine to be positive.

Here are just two of the ways to leave a positive legacy.

The first way is by modeling behaviors that will make the world a better place, not only while you are here, but after you are gone.  Be kind to others, speak positive and uplifting words over words that cut and tear down.   Recognize how blessed you are, and share those blessings with anyone you come across who is less fortunate.

The second way is by making choices that will positively impact future generations (those we are leaving the legacy for).  Choose to surround yourself with positive people, choose to help others, choose to live a healthy lifestyle – I know making these types of choices will not only make your life better, but will also make the lives  of future generations better.

It won’t always be easy.   The most worthwhile things never are.  But rest assured that when you leave this life, you will be leaving a legacy for those still here; a legacy to continue making the world a better place.