Where Did the Last 3+ Years Go?

January 2013 – my last blog post.  And that wasn’t really a post.  Just a video I uploaded from YouTube.  It’s as if I uploaded that video on a cold winter day in Kansas City, Missouri, blinked twice and suddenly it’s a warm 70+ degree day and I’m sitting behind my computer in my home office outside Atlanta, Georgia, writing another blog post.  Wait! What?

I can’t tell you everything that happened in those 3+years; Even if I could remember some of it would be rather mundane.

Here are the highlights. I planned a wedding, celebrated the birth of 4 baby girls and packed up and moved from the Midwest to the South within a month – meaning our house sold the first week of March and the new owners took possession March 31st.   Those are just the major highlights.  That doesn’t include all the happy celebrations and losing some dear, dear friends in those years. Lots of laughter, and some tears, too.  So yeah – I had a few things going on – didn’t we all?


May 2013 – spent over a year planning this wedding – lots of work but also lots of fun

Miss Paisley -December 2015
Miss Isla April 2015
Miss Anna Belle June 2013
Brady Family 1st pic
Miss Gabby January 2015
Moving Day – March 2016

So here I am – blogging again.  I missed blogging. There is, after all, something therapeutic for me in putting “pen to paper” i.e. fingers to keyboard; in recording events, thoughts, feelings, and ideas.   I enjoy sharing my humanity; life-changing moments, inspirational material, while traveling through this journey known as life – if you want to travel along with me feel free.