I Have the Power


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Think of all the words you speak in a day. Even the quietest of us probably speaks several hundred.  What sort of words are you speaking? I’m reading in the book of James about the power of the tongue (a.k.a. the words we speak).  What a tiny body part the tongue is – yet its impact is enormous.

The wisest man of all, Solomon says that the tongue “has the power of life and death” (Proverbs 18:21).  Our words have power and can impact others in both positive and negative ways.  Words can crush someone’s dream or they can validate that dream.  Words can belittle or they can exalt.  Words can offend or they can compliment.  With our words we claim to love God, yet we speak evil of our fellow-man whom God made in His image.

Such a challenge – controlling the tongue and using our words like a “honeycomb, making people happy and healthy” (Proverbs 16.24 NCV).  Are you up to the challenge?