Don’t Tell Me They Were a Good Person – Show Me

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I know I’m a few days late with my blog post.  I’ve had a major case of writer’s block.  I thought of several things to write about, but none of them really grabbed me.

I kept going back and forth wanting to share something I found to be encouraging and inspiring.  After all, I have made it the mission of this blog to do that even when things around us may not seem encouraging or inspiring. I’m not burying my head in the sand and pretending everything is perfect.  I’m simply looking for good in an effort to help drive out evil.

And then it came to me.  I recalled that recently I saw a Facebook post  from the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department.   Captain Robert Melton from that department was  shot and killed not too long ago. What inspired me from the post was evidence of the many lives the officer impacted.  How do I know this from a simple Facebook post.  I know it not only because of the tribute mentioned in the post but also from the comments thread.  Someone specifically mentioned how Captain Melton would give change to people from the community so they could catch the bus in front of the police headquarters.  Money out of his own pocket. There’s evidence that supports he was truly impacting others.

I was reminded of the story of Tabitha .  She was a Greek woman who was always doing good and helping the poor.  Tabitha became sick and died. When the apostle Peter showed up at her home, all the widows Tabitha had helped stood around him crying and showing him all the articles of clothing  Tabitha had made them.  This wasn’t just family members mourning the loss.  They weren’t just crying and saying “she was a good woman”.  They were crying and showing evidence of the good she had done.  There was solid proof that she spent her life doing good for others.  And almost certainly not doing it for any reason other than because it was the right thing to do.  And it was what she could do with what she had and where she was.

I want to be like Captain Melton and Tabitha – I pray that others will have evidence that I made a positive impact on their lives.

A man reaps what he sows.   Galatians 6:7

Blessings my friends!





One thought on “Don’t Tell Me They Were a Good Person – Show Me”

  1. Like you, I find doing a bit of research, and noticing things on the internet that have some bite gets me blogging away. The you chose here, to include the complimentary quote gets 4 stars. What I appreciated about this post is the way you gave a sad event a lift. You talked more about the impact this guy had during his life. Now, he’s probably somebody’s angel in spirit. In my opinion, if you notice this type of footprint, you’ll most likely leave one of your own. Highest and Best!


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